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A New Kind Of Face Mask! Warm Wax Candle Elixirs

With more and more people working from home these days, or simply spending more time indoors and in front of their screens, face masks have become a normal step in their daily routine. 

FUN FACT: Now we all know face masks have been around for centuries. In Ancient India, face and body masks called ubtan were used and became the first cosmetic product created in the world.

From mud, sheet, and gel masks to now Candle Elixir Face Masks by Mood Revival the possibilities are endless. We want to help you understand the skincare benefits of using warm, organic soy wax infused with super-potent antioxidants for the ultimate glow.

A NEW and exciting form of face mask to combat your skin care needs. Now we have been using ours for several months now and the results are amazing! It goes on warm and leaves your skin feeling so soft and hydrated! 

The result is lightweight and deeply nourishing, with a moisturizing, warming effect. Mood Revival has come up with 2 different Candle Elixir Face Masks that are infused with highly concentrated Botanicals & Nutrient-Dense ingredients.

We will go through the benefits of using all-natural, toxin-free,100% natural, and functional clean skincare in the form of wax. Now your probably thinking, will the soy wax clog my pores? The definite answer is No. It actually is known to help seal in moisture, soften and smooth your skin.

Simply light the candle, let it warm for 20 min. Blow out. Then apply melted wax with a brush all over your face. Rinse off after 15 min. Repeat 2-3 times per week. I even apply some to my cuticles to soften them right up!

Now for the products!

REGENERATE & SMOOTHING Candle Elixir- Known to Boost Radiance and Eliminate Congestion.

Mood Revival recommends using this one if you want to Detoxify & Refine pores for smoother looking skin. They say it's suitable for Sensitive, Combination Skin Types or Severe Acne.

Ingredients Include:

Organic Soy Wax- Help to seal in moisture, soften & smooth

Purple Clay- Boost your complexion, and radiance for dull, tired skin

Vitamin E- Nourishing and calming anti-ageing skin repair

Caffeine- Prevent puffiness and increase elastin for firmer skin

Rosehip Oil- Improve collagen, hyperpigmentation and inflammation

Jojoba Oil & Shea Butter- Postpone signs of aging, wrinkles and fine lines, moisturize, sooth and plump

Lemon & Ylang Ylang Essential Oils- Diminish blemishes and boost regeneration of skin cells while brightening dull skin

BRIGHTEN & HYDRATE Candle Elixir- Known to Balance Skin Tone & Reduce Signs of Ageing.

Mood Revival recommends using this one if you want plump, even glowing skin. They say it's suitable for Dry Skin Types, Rosacea or Combination Skin

Ingredients Include:

Organic Soy Wax- Help to seal in moisture, soften & smooth

Pink Clay- Eliminate Redness, balance complexion and skin tone

Vitamin C- Lighten hyperpigmentation, and brown spots

Hyaluronic Acid- Reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Squalane Oil- Anti-inflammatory and boosts circulation for plumper skin

Jojoba Oil & Shea Butter- Postpone signs of aging, wrinkles and fine lines, moisturize, sooth and plump

Lavender & Frankincense Essential Oil- Reduce Inflammation and unclog pores

Ok so now that we covered what both of the Mood Revival Candle Elixir's claim to do, we need people like you to put them to the test!! I can say we love using them, and so will you. They retail for $35 and last a really long time which is a bonus!

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