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Choosing The Perfect Size Wick For Your Candles

Mood Revival has chosen to use Hemp Core Candle Wicks that are 100% Hemp core enclosed in a chemically treated free, cotton braided sleeve. But most importantly, they are lead and zinc free!

We have partnered with a company who coats our wicks in 30% Beeswax/70% Vegetable wax which allow the wicks to stand up mush easier on their own. You will find appreciation for this once you start your journey into candle making.

There are many different types of candle wicks out there, and to be honest the possibilities are endless. Mood Revival has taken the overwhelming task of choosing the best type of wick for your soy candle making process and narrowed it down to these Hemp candle wicks.


Our hemp wicks come 6" inches long and are pre-tabbed, which means they are ready to go with a peal and stick sticker which holds them in place. Who new there was so much to learn about candle wicks!? I bet you didn't realize how important the wick really is, in the quest to create the perfect burning candle. In most cases people don't give it much thought. Most wicks are made cheaply with unknown materials. Some candle makers are still using lead core wicks, which when heated emit lead particulates into the air. When enhaled and absorbed into your bloodstream they have been found to produce permanent neuro-psychological defects.

Luckily you don't have to worry about settling for those types of wicks. Here are a few important facts that are worth knowing:

The wick will influence the burn time of your candles, scent throw, amount of soot release, and any smoking it produces while it's being burned. The overall performance of your candle depends on you ability to choose the proper wick size. 

When measuring the diameter of you candle vessel, always measure the WIDEST area (diameter) opening of your candle holder that you are planning on using. Then refer to our Candle Wick Chart to find the corresponding wick that we recommend for you candles diameter. Also not that our wicks are all 6" long. The size is determined on the thickness of each wick, not the length.


Test burning will be necessary to ultimately determine the best wick for you candle. The only way to know if your wick is truly performing properly is through experimentation.