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The smell of your house is one of the first things you notice when walking in. That's why in order to make a good first impression, your first step is to define which scent evokes a feeling & provides you pleasure. You could label this as superficial or just consciously aware and with that being said your furniture, colour of your walls, and accent pieces become less important next to the scent that will compliment your space. Let's be honest, it could be considered a strong reflection of who you are and what others interpretation of you are.

You're homes interior design should be more than simply looking beautiful. It should enhance comfort, compliment your mood and evoke an experience worth remembering.

Out of all the elements of accenting your home with, accessorising with candles will achieve all of the above!

Candles are very rich in history since they have been around for thousands of years. They are making their mark as highly decorative centerpieces in the world of interior design. Candles are highly underrated when it comes to home décor. No matter where you decide to place your candles, they will create a warmer, more welcoming environment.

Creating harmony among your candles is crucial in your quest for a balanced interior design concept. By grouping together different sizes and textured vessels, you can create a luxurious collage that looks professional and inviting. A single candle resting on a shelf has a simplistic and effortless look. Mason jar candles are a perfect way to compliment your contemporary farmhouse. A coffee mug candle gives a sense of laidback, cozyness to your shabby chic cottage, and concrete or tin candles add an industrial element to your décor. Let's not forget glass tumblers or patterned ceramics, they both scream luxurious class!

With the right amount of candle placement, using any of these candle vessels will elevate your space and sing with blissful melody's. Try placing several candles in front of a mirror so the light is reflected, creating added visual effects.

By being creative with the pattern and placement of your candles, as well as the colour and textures of the vessels, you can really add a unique and individualized personal touch into your space. 

Certain candle scents can manipulate your surroundings, like a song can change our mood. By REFILLING, REUSING & REVIVING your favorite candle holders, you are giving back to the earth by reducing landfill waste and now you are able to proudly show off your custom mood candles & effortless style!


moodLOVE xo