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Most living room/family rooms have some sort of coffee table or ottoman in front of the sofa. Some use them for a place to rest their feet, others use them as practical places to set their drinks, or simply to enhance their rooms decor. 

I want to first talk texture of your table or ottoman you may have in your room. Be mindful of what they are made of as it will help you decide what serving tray will work best. If you have a leather ottoman for example, a wood serving tray will bring warmth into your room. If you decide to go with a marble serving tray this will add some modern flare. Those of you with a wood coffee table i will suggest to stay away from wood serving trays. Look for mirrored glass, brass, iron, silver, galvanized tin or a simple crisp white serving tray instead. For a fabric ottoman anything goes!

The shape of your serving tray can be round, rectangle, or any shape really. Just be mindful of the size. Don't go too small or too big. I use the half rule. Typically your serving tray should be half the size of your table/ottoman. If it's a large surface your working with try using two square or circle trays instead of one. This will give it an unexpected pop.

Once you have narrowed down your serving tray the fun part begins. Serving trays were designed to help keep you organized. They make beautiful centerpieces if displayed properly. They have a simplistic arrogance about them and have the capability of bringing a room together. They can be designed to suit your style and rooms decor, and changing them up regularly will freshen up your space without braking the bank.

Add visual layers and textures into your room by choosing elements to add to your serving tray that are opposite of what you decided to go with for your tray. For example, if you chose to go with a wood serving tray, decorating it with a marble candle holder, concrete coasters, a ceramic vase holding a succulant plant, and a book with a black and white cover would bring excitement into your room. Do you see how we mixed different textures and elements together!?

In my opinion candles and books are a must have for any serving tray. mood- The Candle Revival Co. was created to give you the choice and capability of choosing your own candle vessel that suits your rooms décor. Most stores carry vessels that make unique and perfect candle holders, just use your imagination and pick something out that you love. Our moodWAX will turn your vessel into a beautiful custom candle in minutes, and now you can refill it when your candle is done. 

I also love decorating with books, they add smartness into your room, just be sure to choose one that is big enough to layer with, and something you would actually read. They make great conversation pieces and you will be surprised at how many guests will even pick it up out of curiosity. 

Here is a list of other elements to add to your serving tray. Keep in mind of the height of each element you decide to use, as you don't want them to obstruct your view. 

  1.  Candles
  2. Books
  3. Plants
  4. Coasters
  5. Vases
  6. Succulants
  7. Fruit
  8. Fresh Flowers
  9. Decorative Box- To hide remotes
  10. Small decorative pieces

We would love to see your serving tray come to life, and starting off with a custom candle hand poured by you will get your creative juices flowing! Help inspire others and #RefillReuseRevive on instagram @moodrevival. Show us your final masterpiece!