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Candles represent reminders of our possible triumph and hope over darkness life can bring. Lighting of a candle is a long-held practice in many cultural, family and faith traditions. Candles wipe out the darkness and show us how love can brighten your life. Candles are symbolic of warmth, just as you feel warmth for your partner. They also give a sense of support, serenity, focus, comfort and love. They bring people together in life and celebration. The light a candle exutes represents optimism and is an expression of support, building a sense of solidarity for the movement of two people saying "i do".

With all these wonderful traits, it's no wonder candles are so popular and many want to incorporate them into their special day. Just remember your venue could have restrictions regarding the use of candles. We recommend checking with them first before starting to incorporate candles into your wedding planning. Also if you plan on using real candles in an outside wedding or reception, the wind could be a factor in keeping your candles glowing.

Let's dive into how you can achieve the look and feel you want on your wedding day with candles.

It's a known fact that people have more fun and look better in a dimly lit room, think about restaurants, bars, & lounges. Most are dimly lit too, they must have known about this secret along time ago!

Remember when it comes to candles there are a ton of budget friendly ways to use them. Choosing the right ways to use them will bring your vision to life, and tie your entire style of your wedding celebration together! One single candle can go unnoticed but when combining a grouping of them, they have an immediate impact that doesn't go unoticed.

Have your guests light a candle when they walk into your reception to show their support for you and your partner on that special day. Then when everyone is seated, place one on each table. This is a unique way to build solidarity for the movement of two people saying "i do" all while setting the mood for an elegant evening filled with love.

With moodWAX your can make your own custom candles. Make custom labels for your candle holders. Your custom made candles would make perfect table numbers, gifts for your guests to take home or thank you's for your wedding party!

All those flickering flames project an enchanting amber glow. This is known to be very flattering in your pictures and videography. With this in mind, sometimes it's smart to fill open spaces with simple candlelight.Adding much needed light to an otherwise dark, and moody area of the venue can create a space that becomes the highlight of your venue. Try using candles for the inside of a fireplace or lining a staircase with tea lights for your grand entrance.

Mixing and matching mini metallic containers to create a simple yet modern display. Really any candle holders can be mixed and matched in various heights to create the pefect table scape. Add some modern and luxurious glass cylinders or even better, crystal studded candle cylinders for some elegant flare. Don't forget to dress up the table with branches, pumpkins, fresh lavender, or anything that is in theme with your wedding concept.

Apples, mason jars, wine glasses, old candle holders, jam jars, vintage tee cups, and ceramic holders all can be collected and turned into candles with our DIY moodWAX refills. Have a candle making party with your bridesmaids, crack the champange and get your candle making groove on! You can incorporate sprinkles, herbs, and crystals into the your custom candles, just keep in mind anything you add to your candles should be fire proof! 

We hope we inspired you to add candles into your wedding day. Even more, we would love to see you get creative with some custom candle making with our moodWAX refills!

#RefillReuseRevive and post your custom candle creations! We can't wait to share them with all of our mood followers in hopes it gives them some inspiration for their special day!


 moodLOVE xo