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As a child I remember rearranging my parents furniture for fun. They would come home from work and the living room would instantly feel different, I guess the immediate satisfaction of something fresh became my passion. If only I new this was my calling sooner. For some reason we tend to pursue what we think we should be, instead of what we are gifted to do. I have always loved art, in fact it was my best subject! I was never good at math and sciences and ironically I worked in that industry mostly, not loving getting up in the morning.

Until I discovered the beauty of owning my own business. It gave me a sense of creativity that I needed. It inspired me to be better, achieve more, but most of all it was an expression of who I am and what I stand for. I discovered the aspects I loved and thrived at, and those parts of the job that I had to really work at.

The one thing I owe my outgoing nature to is my former job. It's crucial to find your confidence and determination as a young woman. I honestly believe serving tables was what gave me the courage to approach life's challenges head on. As a child I was shy, I hated presenting in front of the class, I was awkward around adults, especially men. Eventually this passed, and I have serving tables to thank for that. If there is anything you do in life before working a 9-5 job, serving tables will make you stronger, quicker, and more approachable. All key attributes to becoming a strong leader!

Trying to figure out your true passion or what's next for you can feel like a dark hole. Dig deep and really think about what makes you happy. Once you know what that something is, find as many branches and stems from it, and build on that. When I eventually decided to scrap those finance jobs, and when life settled down for me again after having 3 girls, that was the moment I new I could start over.

Candles are a form of expression, my creative outlet, my branch that stems from interior design. I may not be a famous interior designer but what i am is someone who gets up in the morning with a bounce in her step. I'm finally doing something that makes me happy, which makes me a better mother and wife.

I hope this read inspires at least one person. If it does, i would love to hear about it!

moodLOVE xo