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Who new shopping for different candle vessels would be a thing. The DIY industry is booming, and more people are wanting ways to reuse items they already have. Mood The Candle Revival Co. has found a way to reduce landfill waste by putting perfectly good vessels back into good use. Now that you know something so simple is possible, it's your job to find different vessels that you can turn into candles.

The variety of containers that you can use in your quest to make the perfect candle is endless. Choosing a safe yet beautiful container makes the process exciting and the overall look becomes a reflection of you.

When choosing the perfect candle vessel there are a few things to consider:

1. It won't catch on fire

2. It won't leak

3. It won't crack or break

These 3 rules to consider sound simple, Right?

But it's important to take them seriously so you don't end up with a serious fire hazard on your hands!

Let's dig a little deeper and fill you in on the rule we hope you consider.

Unsafe vessels could be anything ranging from coconut shells, plastic glassware, wood bowls, terra cotta flower pots, lemon peals, the list goes on and on. Just remember, don't make candles out of any vessels that can burn! It doesn't matter how sure you are that the flame won't get close to the sides of the container. Don't take the chance.

What you can do is look for containers that are heat resistant. Good examples would be clear glass tumblers, mason jars, jelly jars, old candle holders you are reusing, concrete vessels, coffee mugs, well-sealed metal tins, or other thick glassware designed to withstand heat.

Also try to chose candle vessels that are similar in size (diameter) from top to bottom. This allows your hemp candle wicks to work properly.

Be sure that your candle is on heat-resistant surfaces, away from anything flammable, and never leave a burning candle unattended!