Ultrasonic Face De-Gunking Spatula

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The New Beauty Tool That Promises Results! This Beauty Gadget Will Give You Invisible Pores, Cleaner Looking Skin & The Best Part Is It's Esthetician Approved!

So what is it? Its a form of skin rejuvenation! It is a water-based exfoliation treatment that is used on wet skin. Ultrasonic soundwaves are used to loosen up and draw out dead skin cells, build up oils and debris. We love that you can also use it to apply products like serums, oils and creams for better absorption 


  • Ultrasonic Ion Skin Scrubber
  • Great for Sensitive, Red or Rosacea prone skin
  • Pores will appear smaller and clearer
  • A light form of exfoliation, dead skin removal
  • Use 2-3 Times per week for best results
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 17.3cm x 5.5cm x 1.5cm