HOPE Clay Holders

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This hand thrown Hope Collection symbolizes a desire for things to change for the better. Like watercolours colliding beautifully together into the unknown!

Fresh out of the kiln. This pot is made of elegant speckled off white clay. Bubbles are gently blown on top to create a textured notation resembling the palette that water colour artists use. An authentically unique candle holder or plant pot! 


  •  Modern Contemporary 16oz Clay Pot
  • Sold Individually
  • Exclusive one of a kind pieces
  • Once gone. It’s gone!
  • Proudly Made in Canada by Starfishly Clay Works
  • Support woman in Business🖤


  • 8”x8” clay pot makes an 16oz candle and we recommend using 2 Large Hemp Wicks or 3 Small Hemp Wicks when using this pot as a candle holder