Four Elements Metal Wall Art

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Add Some Industrial Flare Into Your Home With The 4 Temperaments Air, Earth, Fire & Water!

Perfect for Nature Lovers these elements represent the essentials of life. Understanding what each element represents helps us evaluate what our individual strengths and weaknesses are. So put these on your wall in your home to inspire some ZEN!


  • Air= Intellect, Connection
  • Earth= Animal Instincts, Grounding, Foundation
  • Fire= Willpower, Inner Strength, Transformation
  • Water= Emotion, Intuition, Going with the flow
  • 35cm x 50cm or 13.7"inches x 19.6"inches
  • 2mm Steel
  • Textured Black metal
  • Stands 1cm from the wall
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Light weight and easy set up