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Most of us have a preferred scent in mind, one that we are consistently drawn to. This is due in part to the human sense of smell, it's one of our most crucial senses as it's 10,000 more sensitive than taste. Our sense of smell is connected to the part of the brain that handles our emotions. Smells are a powerful way to control our emotional well-being. If a simple scent can uplift our spirits and make us feel more positive, why not have them in every aspect of your life. Candles are a great place to start!

When trying to figure out if you are drawn to the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils or the wide variety of flavours you get from fragrance oils, keep in mind both have their pros and cons. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Hype around Essential Oils we are here to fill you in. In resent years they have become very popular among those who are on a journey of natural living.

So What are Essential Oils? They are steam-distilled pure plant extracts used for scenting, flavoring and healing in aromatherapy. Each essential oil is comprised of between 50-500 different natural extracts that can have positive and negative effects. In their concentrated form they're very powerful and should be handled with care.

In aromatherapy, essential oils are used to positively affect your emotional, physical, and mental state. They can also enhance your mood!

Fragrance oils on the other hand are manufactured and artificially created to mimic a scent and evoke a feeling. They do not have the aromatherapy qualities of Essential Oils. They are inexpensive compared to essential oils, and offer a wide variety of scents, actually almost any aroma can be created. Many perfumes are created with fragrance oils that are regulated by the International fragrance association. They are dedicated to ensure the safety of fragrance materials through their science program. They focus on the safety of fragrance production as well as consumer and environmental impacts. On that not candle fragrances are designed to be safe and regulated closely.

Fragrance oils usually last longer than essential oils and many contain some percentage of essential oils, but aren't completely natural.

To be honest both have their uses and drawbacks. Fragrances can be cheaper and more convenient but may have added chemicals and environmental hazards. Essential oils might be better quality and natural but tend to be way more expensive as it takes much more effort and time removing their extracts from the plants and flowers used.

Society has grown to view anything referred to as a chemical with fear and suspicion. There are many chemicals which cause no harm and provide us with beneficial aspects. It is important to keep in mind the small dosage and concentration of these substances in fragrance oils. Natural products are not necessarily any safer or less toxic than synthetic chemicals.

With that being said it's up to you to decide what aspects are important to you in the quest for the perfect candle. MOOD has created different collections in hopes your candles will be a reflection of you!

Add the perfect scent to your story. Our moodPEARLS are infused with either pure plant based essential oils or highly concentrated fragrance oils. Scent your moodWAX with mood complimenting aromas while creating a custom scented candle, hand poured by you!


moodLOVE xo