We are proud to be a Canadian owned & operated company.

Founded in 2019, by Michelle Bieber, in small town Saskatchewan. A passionate mother of 3 daughters, who always imagined one of her crazy entrepreneurial ideas would come to life.

Over the years many friends and family would attest to countless new business ideas, but the idea of Refilling, Reusing & Reviving your own candle holders, immediately won over their votes.

The main factor that became non-negotiable in her pursuit for the perfect businesss idea was not to have time away from her young family. Michelle knew she would have to start something that could be created and developed from the small town where she lived.

With a passion for interior design, one evening she wondered why she had never lit the beautiful concrete candle holder, sitting on her leather tuffed ottoman. She loved candles, but ones that were easily replaceable! At that moment she started researching where she could find wax refills for her candle holder. I mean, if she was going to burn her statement centerpiece, there must be a way to refill it! Right?

Well with no such luck, she knew she had an idea worth pursuing!

Welcome to Mood The Candle Revival Co.

To Our Supporters:

Our hopes for you, is to support our quest for the perfect custom candle, hand poured by you. Spread some moodLOVE & let's get pouring!

To The Forever Entrepreneur:

We hope this story inspires you to stay true to yourself, follow your gut, and never give up, even when it doesn't seem to make much sense. Sacrifices that lead to new opportunities are worth it in your quest to find your real purpose and passion!