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We Are Proud To Be A Canadian Owned & Operated Company 

Founded in 2019, by Michelle Bieber. A passionate mother of 3 daughters, who always imagined one of her crazy entrepreneurial ideas would come to life.

Over the years many of her friends and family members would attest to countless new business ideas, but the idea of Refilling, Reusing & Reviving your own candle holders, immediately won over their votes. 

“ I wanted to simplify the candle making process by providing a DIY Microwaveable Candle Making Kit that every wannabe candle hobbiest could use. The ability to bring your favorite burned through candle holders back to their former glory, easily & conveniently was my ultimate vision!”

Mood Revival was created out of love for candles & DIY. Now you can make your own candles again and again by simply reusing your burned through candle holders!

With a passion for all things beauty, the Mood Revival brand will continue to evolve. We will continue to expand our product lines with quality pieces and must have staples. We are dedicated to sourcing unique products, on trend must-haves & mood enhancing favorites.

EXCITING NEWS: I now have a new found passion of sewing, which was discovered during the gloomy days called Covid. Shop my unique and custom beach bags all individually designed and created be yours truly! I want to thank all of our supporters and loyal customers for your continued business 🖤 


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