ZODIAC Clay Holders

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This Zodiac Constellation Collection symbolizes how the earth moves through the heavens. A starry way to display your personality!

Fresh out of the kiln. This hand thrown pot is made of a rustic black body clay, then dipped with a matte coat that is so uneven and earthy. The iron in the clay fires to a lovely rich brown. The lustre gold paint elevates the simplistic hand painted constellations. An authentically unique candle holder or plant pot! 


  •  Rustic & Industrial looking 8oz Clay Pot
  • Sold Individually
  • Exclusive one of a kind pieces
  • Once gone. It’s gone!
  • Proudly Made in Canada by Starfishly Clay Works
  • Support woman in Business🖤


  • 5”x5” clay pot makes an 8oz candle and we recommend using 2 Small Hemp Wicks when using this pot as a candle holder