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Our Luxurious, Super Fun & Mess Free Candle Making Kits Will Light Up Your Life While Becoming Therapeutically Addicting!

These Eco-friendly microwaveable soy & coconut candle making kits are for any wannabe candle hobbiest to use! Now you can bring your favorite burned through candle holders back to their former glory, easily & conveniently. Don't throw out your candle holders, reuse them!


  • 100% Natural Soy & Coconut Wax
  • Choose from a wide selection of scents
  • Organic & Cruelty Free, No animal testing
  • Paraffin Free. Phthalates Free
  • Canadian Made
  • Makes 1 x 16oz Candle or a CREW of smaller ones

1 x Microwaveable Unscented moodWAX pouch
1 x Tin of infused moodPEARLS used to scent your moodWAX pouch 
6 x Pre-tabbed Hemp core candle wicks, 6" long, Lead, Zinc and Paraffin Free

(1 x Small Wick, 2 x Medium Wicks, 2 x Large Wicks, 1 x X-Large Wick)


Homemade Candles

    1. Wick your candle holders with our Hemp Candle Wicks
    2. Microwave our moodWAX pouch for 3.25 minutes. Remove and cut open
    3. If moodWAX appears cloudy or pearls have not fully melted, simply re-heat moodWAX using 30 sec intervals only, until wax appears clear
    4. Stir in our scented moodPEARLS into the moodWAX pouch & mix until all pearls are melted
    5. Pour directly into your wicked candle holders
    6. Wait 24 hours before burning your candles to allow the scent to infuse
    7. Trim wicks to 1/4 inch before each use. ENJOY!


      • Remove old wax in your candle holders by placing them in the freezer for a couple hours. The wax will come out in one piece